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Moroso’s Turn 2a/2b

Okay, it’s my turn in the barrel. Asked to “do a corner” for VR, I took a look at the previous Hot Laps. Let’s see, there was the Lefthander at Lime Rock…Road America’s Turn 1… Laguna’s 11… the Bus Stop at the Glen… Mid-Ohio, VIR—even Le Mans, for pity sakes! The cream of the crop! Some of the best and most historic racetracks in the world. But what about, I thought, the journeyman tracks, the ones hobbyists, amateurs, club racers and vintage enthusiasts rely on to service their automotive jones? Someplace like… Moroso Motorsports Park.

At most tracks, the straights are where you can relax a bit, lighten the grip on the steering wheel, wiggle your fingers a bit, look at the gauges. Not at Moroso. There’s a kink about a third of the way down the straight that you easily do flat… but only if you’re running alone or in single file. Once you do the final upshift out of 11, you make a routine of checking the right-hand mirror before bending the car across the road to the right-hand apex of the Kink.

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