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Maranello’s Latest One-Off, The 812 GTS-inspired Ferrari SP51

Ferrari recently unveiled the latest addition to their One-Off series, the Ferrari SP51. It joins the most exclusive series Maranello has yet offered, a group of completely unique, bespoke cars that were especially designed to the specifications of a client, showcasing the peak of Ferrari’s capabilities in customization and range.

Designed by Ferrari Styling Center, which is headed by Flavio Manzoni, the SP51 is a front-engined V12 spider that is heavily influenced by the 812 GTS platform in terms of layout, chassis, and even the engine. At first glance, the missing roof, one of the main features of this one-off is immediately noticeable, making it an authentic roadster in every sense of the word. Its visually captivating exterior design highlights its sporty character.

Using CFD simulations, wind tunnel, and dynamic testing, Ferrari Styling Center honed the aerodynamics of the SP51 not only to guarantee the driver’s ultimate comfort in the cabin, but also to give the same standard of acoustic comfort and wind feel as the 812 GTS.

Thanks to its seamlessly muscular and flowing surfaces, the style of the new Ferrari SP51 is both powerful and harmonious. Its form is simultaneously sensual, modern, and sinuous, the result of the liberal use of bare carbon fiber both in the cabin and exterior of the roadster. One really striking feature is the trim on the bonnet as it frames the two air vents.

Another beautiful feature is the new Rosso Passionate three-layer paintwork. This color was specifically developed for the roadster giving it an aura of authority as it exudes elegance. This is further emphasized by the blue and white livery that was inspired by the legendary Ferrari 410 S which is referenced in the interior.

Specially designed headlights give it a strong identity and make the SP51 instantly recognizable. Even the wheels of the SP51 were designed specifically for the one-off with carbon fiber wing profiles on each of the spokes and a sophisticated tone-on-tone diamond-cut finish on the forward-facing section.

The arched theme of the taillights set below the spoiler dominate the rear of the SP51. Two flying buttresses are placed just behind the cabin and are visually softened by two deep carbon fiber scoops. In the middle of these two elements is a transverse, carbon fiber wing, the profile of which folds on top of the buttresses. The effect of this design is mildly evocative of the Targa-type car wherein the flying bridge elegantly hides the anti-roll hoop, a tribute to the solution that Ferrari adopted during the era of the early 1960s Sports Prototypes.

The most special aspect of the SP51, wherein the client was involved in every step of the way and Ferrari’s bespoke capabilities are really showcased is the cabin wherein new heights of craftsmanship and creativity has been reached. Its personalization revolved around two main clever ideas: the use of the same Rosso Passionale color which was custom created for the exterior as the main color that will be used for the Alcantara® trim, and the idea of extending the lengthwise exterior livery into the cabin. In fact, the white and blue stripe can be seen in both the central tunnel and the fascia between the two seats on the firewall, and even on the steering wheel stitching, creating a sense of seamless continuity between the exterior and interior, in which the roadster architecture of the one-off played an important role.

A blue Kvadrat® insert with white cross-stitching is used as a special finish for the door panels, sides of the seats, and the lower section of the dashboard. Throughout the interior, glossy carbon fiber trim was extensively used, matching perfectly with the Nero Momo Opaco elements. The stylishly elegant yet authoritative look of the one-off is further upgraded by several white embroidered details like the Prancing Horse and car logo, it is also found on the lower rim of the steering wheel.

This one-off, the Ferrari SP51, was designed for one of the leading Ferrari collectors, a longstanding Taiwan-based client. It is a successful roadster version of Maranello’s first front-engined V12 spider in 50 years. Its bold style is immediately captivating, as it keeps the brilliant signature elegance of its inspiration, the 812 GTS. It pushes the boundaries by delivering a completely new way of enjoying en plein air driving.

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