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Low Flyers

This painting had been festering in Ian Guy’s mind for some time before he was finally able to capture it on canvas. It had to be imposing, and he wanted it to take the viewer through a varied range of emotions. He knew the canvas needed to be large to make an impact, not only when viewed but he wanted it to be heard too, so deafening but so humbling that it almost becomes silent. Choosing a two-foot by three-foot canvas, he had to force himself to find enough time to put aside to create the piece. Canvas primed and eagerly grabbing his oils and brushes, he was ready to capture the feeling of speed and raw overwhelming power. Just as the boys and girl in their hot-rods think they’ve reached the edge of a full adrenalin rush, suddenly from nowhere comes the almighty sound and overpowering presence of a B17 Flying Fortress bomber accompanied by a P51 Mustang and a P47 Thunderbolt!

Born and raised in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK, Ian Guy has been drawing and painting since childhood. In his very early days, disappearing into whatever he was drawing, he’d become a part of his self-made fantasy. Essentially a self-taught professional, he’s always used oils on canvas, although he initially shied away from color, he eventually accepted color with a cautious embrace.

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