1968 Austin Mini Cooper S 1300
1968 Austin Mini Cooper S 1300

Julien Mahiels Needs Our Help

Senior Photographer Julien Mahiels needs help from the enthusiastic readers of Sports Car Digest.

Julien is a freelance photographer based in Belgium that consistently produces excellent work for Sports Car Digest and a variety of other publications and outlets. He was recently robbed of €5,000+ worth of camera gear, right in the middle of the motorsport season. Insurance provided no benefit and, with the limited income photography provides, Julien does not have the resources to buy a new lens to use on track and rallies. Julien needs our help to help finance the purchase of new gear.

Please join Sports Car Digest in helping Julien get back on his feet, producing the images we enjoy so much. To assist Julien, you can donate by clicking this link: Julien Mahiels Crowd Funding.

From Julien:

“I know that a lot of you really enjoy my work here and I must say that your feedback in the comments or on Facebook is a huge drive for me. It pushes me to always keep my work to highest standards. So even if I am really embarrassed about this I am here to ask you for help. Even the smallest amount could help me a lot to keep working like I used to do. So please don’t be shy!”

“The money will go in a pot that will be used to buy a 6000$ 200mm F2 lens which has been my weapon of choice all these years. Do not get me wrong. I am looking for charity, yet all the donations will be rewarded – either with custom wallpapers, prints or high-end books. Thank you again for all the support you showed all these years. This community really gave me confidence in my work.”

For each donation, Julien will provide something in return:

  • For 10 Euros, readers can choose five (5) wallpapers from his SportsCarDigest galleries
  • For 25 Euros, readers will receive a 20cm wide signed print of your choice from his SportsCarDigest galleries
  • For 50 Euros, readers will receive a 40cm wide signed print of your choice from his SportsCarDigest galleries

You can donate by clicking this link: https://www.leetchi.com/c/solidarite-de-julien-mahiels.

Alternatively, if you prefer to donate with PayPal, his account is [email protected]

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  1. Friends of Julien: There are but a few precious photo automobile journalists in the world who are able at any given assignment to achieve true magnificence and convey the inner emotions of both an automobile and it’s driver. His work on the Mille Miglia series hit new heights and his achievements are universally praised.

    Now is the time to help Julien in his time of need. Please contribute…and I might suggest that the PayPal portal is easier to operate than the French language Crowd Funding site…. [email protected]……is his PayPal account number.