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Yet, the cat that has slept for the last 20 years has recently announced it will return to Le Mans with a single entry for the 2010 running of the French Classic this June. The Jaguar RSR XKR GT2 will be the lone cat to take the fight to some of the best teams in GT racing the world has ever seen assembled in one place. The competition will include the seasoned Chevy Corvette squad fielding two C6R machines, as well as a Spyker, and a throw back to the good ole days, a lone Aston Martin entry. Paul Gentilozzi and Scott Pruett, both American, will be piloting the XKR GT2 along with Marc Goossens of Belgium.

Gentilozzi comments, “We are delighted the ACO has granted us entry in the prestigious 24 hours of Le Mans. It is a race that is held dearly in the hearts of motorsport fans across the world and for Jaguar to be racing again is something special. Spirits will be high around Jaguar’s return to Le Mans but we must remember the incredibly high level of competition – a podium place in our category will not fall into our hands. That said, I can guarantee 100 per cent commitment from Jaguar RSR and urge fans of Jaguar and Britain’s racing heritage to support the team whole heartedly.”

Global Marketing Director of Jaguar Cars C.J. O’Donnell adds, “Motorsport has always been important to the Jaguar brand. Our domination of Le Mans in the 1950s was a foundation on which the company was developed. It was twenty years ago that Jaguar last won Le Mans with a TWR Jaguar Sport entry driven by John Nielsen, Price Cobb and Martin Brundle. Returning to Le Mans will reignite excitement for the marque across the globe, all the more poignant in our 75th year.”

Jaguar XKR GT2, XJR-9, C-Type and D-Type
Jaguar XKR GT2, XJR-9, C-Type and D-Type

With Jaguar’s history of assembling teams with a stunning reputation of preparing immaculate cars that can go the distance for 24 hour drives through the scenic French country side, it is certain that this lone XKR GT2 will possess the potential to deliver Britain’s most iconic auto maker what could be the best birthday gift yet, an epic eighth win at the Le Mans 24 Hours Race.

In addition to competing at Le Mans, Jaguar will celebrate its 75th anniversary at many of the premier automotive settings, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Revival, Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance and Mille Miglia Storica.

Jaguar 75th Anniversary Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture)

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  1. Greetings Will,

    Unfortunately this “anniversary” is just a marketing ploy.

    SS Cars did go public but I believe it the SS100 already was in existence and those cars had SS cast into their engine block as Standard still provided the engine and chassis at the time.

    If this is to be taken seriously then by Jaguar’s own definition the anniversary would be celebrating a car that was bodied by SS and chassis built by Standard.

    Some could even say this was the “first” time Jaguar “badge-engineered” a car, a feat they later attempted using the Ford Mondeo chassis.

    Your article was well written but all the books detailing Ss and Jaguar’s history must be either in error or Jaguar has some very interesting criteria in what constitutes a “Jaguar”.

  2. If Jaguar calls it their anniversary – marketing ploy or not – then it must be their anniversary. Neat article and great pictures.

  3. “If Jaguar calls it their anniversary – marketing ploy or not – then it must be their anniversary.”

    And I’m God… :rolleyes:

  4. “The years spanning 1941-1945 were consumed by World War II…”
    For Americans, yes, but Britain was fighting the Germans from September 1939, with the Battle of Britain raging in the skies over Southern England during 1940. So Bill Lyons’ factory would have been producing war materiel, not SS100’s or Jaguar’s.

    1. Hi John,

      The text you quoted from my article is indeed an error in reference to the British involvent in the Second World War. My apologies.