HSR Daytona Historic Races 2011

HSR Daytona Historic Races 2011 – Report and Photos

Report and photos by Louis Galanos

Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) returned to the Daytona International Speedway during the 2011 Veteran’s Day holiday weekend after a year-long hiatus due to the unscheduled but necessary paving of the crumbling Daytona track.

Blessed with plenty of Florida sunshine and mild temperatures almost 170 entries enjoyed the smooth new racing surface of the 3.56-mile road course and driver reviews of the storied Daytona track were very favorable.

The HSR event had a particularly international flavor in 2011 with drivers from Greece, France and England in attendance. The French team brought over seven FJ Prototype Cup Cars which are American stock cars built specifically for European road courses. They use a V8 Chevrolet engine with 450 hp which was 150 hp less than the vintage American entered stock cars in Group 8 and it showed during the two races for that group.

The French cars normally race in the Racecar Euro Series which is now two years old and is classified by the FIA as an International Series. For many of the French drivers, crew and families the trip to Daytona International Speedway was a dream come true.

Both the French and English contingents were brought over by Bernie Chodosh’s company, Racecar Holidays, Ltd., in partnership with HSR. The Chodosh organization specializes in getting racers and cars from Europe to the U.S. to race at such legendary tracks as Daytona and Sebring. One of the big selling points for racers and their families is Florida’s great winter weather and several drivers commented that they were not looking forward to returning home.

During practice and qualifying some of the French drivers got a little too enthusiastic about racing at Daytona and refused to pit their cars at the end of a session. During one session a driver continued to circle the track for four laps despite all the flags and hand signals directed at him. In track parlance he was a “runner.” Finally, a frustrated corner worker, in turn six, walked onto the racing surface almost daring the driver to run him over.

Fortunately for the corner worker, the French driver complied with his hand signals and flag and stopped the car. It wouldn’t have been good for American/French relations if that corner worker had ended up as a hood ornament on the French driver’s car.

For Ferrari fans at Daytona, Group 1 was a visual delight with 22 cars from Maranello entered. During qualifying on Veteran’s Day eleven Ferrari 430’s, five Ferrari 360’s and three Ferrari 355’s took to the track. Piloting these beautiful Italian machines were drivers from all points on the compass from Maine to Florida and from New York to Los Angeles.

One of the featured races at the Daytona HSR finale involved Porsche Caymans as part of the Cayman Interseries Challenge. At approximately $100,000 a pop these basically stock Porsches, with safety upgrades of course, can hit 160 mph or better on the 31-degree high banks of Daytona.

These “arrive and drive” cars are easy to handle and very reliable. As a result they are very popular with people who like to race and those who want to break into the “racing game.” Basically you buy the car and it is kept, prepared and maintained by a professional team. The owner registers for an event and when they show up at the track the car is there ready to race. At Daytona legendary road racer Jack Baldwin, chief instructor for the Cayman Series, was on hand to provide coaching or help to any driver in need. The Daytona weekend marked the end of the second full-season of Cayman Interseries championship competition.

On this final weekend of the 2011 season previous Cayman Interseries champion, Lee Davis, swept both the sprint and endurance races to seal both the 2011 Cayman Interseries sprint and enduro championships. He and co-driver Ryan Eversley had to overcome some mechanical issues but the crew from Porsche Napleton Racing worked their magic and contributed to the win.

With its return to the Daytona International Speedway for the season-ending finale on Veteran’s Day weekend, Historic Sportscar Racing provided great vintage racing for drivers and fans alike. With the newly repaved surface the track proved to be faster than ever, much to the delight of all who attended.

HSR Daytona Historic Races 2011 – Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture and description)

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HSR 2011 Daytona Historic Races – Results (Overall)

Group 2, 3, 7b – Race 1
1 – Robert Boller, #95 1963 Lotus 23B
2 – John Harrold, #12 1968 Chevron B8
3 – Juan Lopez-Santini, #226 1969 Porsche 911S

Group 2, 3, 7b – Race 2
1 – Robert Boller, #95 1963 Lotus 23B
2 – Josh Boller, 1981 #94 Tiga SC81
3 – Juan Lopez-Santini, #226 1969 Porsche 911S

Group 5 – Race 1
1 – Curt Vogt, #530 1965 Shelby GT350
2 – Oliver Bryant, #69 1965 Shelby GT350
3 – Gary Moore, #98 1966 Shelby GT350

Group 5 – Race 2
1 – Oliver Bryant, #69 1965 Shelby GT350
2 – Gary Moore, #98 1966 Shelby GT350
3 – Cody Ellsworth, #11 1972 Porsche 911ST

Group 5c, 9, GT3 Cup – Race 1
1 – Simon Gregg, #59 2001 Corvette
2 – John Cloud, #70 2000 Mustang Cobra
3 – Doug Richmond, #115 1985 Mustang T/A

Group 5c, 9, GT3 Cup – Race 2
1 – Simon Gregg, #59 2001 Corvette
2 – John Cloud, #70 2000 Mustang Cobra
3 – John Gilsdorf, #717 1996 Porsche GT-2

Group 6, 7a – Race 1
1 – Andy Wallace, #38 2005 Audi R8
2 – Travis Engen, #2 2005 Audi R8
3 – Robert Garcia, #21 1999 Riley & Scott

Group 6 – Race 2
1 – Doug Smith, #38 2005 Audi R8
2 – Travis Engen, #2 2005 Audi R8
3 – John Reisman, #5 2002 Lola B2K40

Group 8 – Race 1
1 – Brian Norman, #9 2006 Charger
2 – Donald Soenen, #2 1998 Taurus
3 – John Ware, #91 2002 Intrepid

Group 8 – Race 2
1 – Donald Soenen, #2 1998 Taurus
2 – Stephane Enout, #69 2009 FJ Prototype Cup Car
3 – Regis Gourdon, #1 2009 FJ Prototype Cup Car

International American Challenge
1 – Gary Moore, #98 1966 Shelby GT350
2 – Grahame Bryant, #29 1967 Camaro
3 – Robert Boller, #95 1963 Lotus 23B

Bob Snodgrass Enduro Classic
1 – John & Paul Reisman, #5 2002 Lola B2K40
2 – Ary Krau, 2006 Porsche #10 997 GT3 Cup
3 – Lance Willsey, #134 2007 Porsche Cup Car

Klub Sport Porsche Challenge
1 – Cody Ellsworth, #11 1972 Porsche 911 ST
2 – Juan Lopez-Santini, #226 1969 Porsche 911S
3 – Tom Briest, #71 1970 Porsche 914/6

Louis Chevrolet Historic/GTP/WSC Enduro
1 – Andy Wallace, #38 2005 Audi R8
2 – Travis Engen, #2 2005 Audi R8
3 – John Reisman, #5 2002 Lola B2K40

Louis Chevrolet Vintage/Classic GT Enduro
1 – Cody Ellsworth, #11 1972 Porsche 911 ST
2 – John Harrold , #12 1968 Chevron B8
3 – Robert Boller, #95 1963 Lotus 23B

[Source: Louis Galanos]

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  1. Thanks so much for the coverage of this spectacular event. Years ago, I always enjoyed HSR’s foray into Ohio at Mid Ohio Race Track and have envied those who could make the trip to Daytona for this competition. How much better might it have been had the spectator stands been filled with enthusiasts of this racing genre. Thanks to all those organizations that keep it alive and well.

  2. To reporter Louis Galanos

    In your coverage of the HSR Daytona Races, you showed a picture of my 1969 Datsun 2000 Roadster (57). May I offer a few corrections to the copy under the picture: 1) the driver at the time was co-driver Dick Naze of Muncie, IN; 2) the engine did NOT blow—the “smoke” seen was from a cut Rt. front tire which was successfully replaced in a pit stop;
    3) we went to complete the rest of the Enduro, winning our class (V6) not only in that race, but for the season as well!!

    Dr. Don Herman
    Dr. Datsun Racing

    1. Thanks for the correction Don. The smoke coming from that side of the car was so immediate that everyone on the corner thought the engine had blown. The corner workers even put out the oil flag and called it in as oil on the track.

  3. Louis, thank you for the pictures and article. I waited till Sunday to go and see my first HSR event and now I realize how many cars I missed. I’m sure alot of the competitors took Sunday to travel home. I won’t make that mistake next year!
    Since you were around here in the 70’s, do you remember a Chevron Sports Racer being run with BMW power? Last time I saw it was at Gainesville. What was the name of that driver?


    1. Locke:
      Hugh Kleinpeter, John Gunn and Bob Beatty drove the #39 Chevron B8 2-liter BMW powered car at Daytona in 1969. They finished 6th but first in class.

      1. It came to me while under the Vette this afternoon. Stevenson was his last name and I think it was Harry for the first. He was a Club racer. I didn’t join SCCA until 1972 so I only saw IMSA cars at the 24 Hours.
        I took a few shots at the HSR but they are not near as nice as yours. If someone wants to see a few more they are here:

        I will try to look our for you next year!
        Thanks again for the coverage.