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Formula 1 vs NASCAR

Formula 1 vs NASCAR – Which is the Superior Motorsport?

Motorsports have become an integral part of sports worldwide, with fans turning up in huge numbers regularly to get a glimpse of their favourite drivers flying past at crazy speeds, while massive numbers of viewers tune in to watch on TV.

MotoGP is leading the way when it comes to two wheels, with the likes of legendary Italian Valentino Rossi and current dominant champion Marc Marquez being two of the best in recent times to grace the track on motorbikes.

But when it comes to cars there are a lot more players. Formula 1 is arguably the top motorsport, while fans of NASCAR would argue otherwise, with IndyCar and rally driving being considered other less popular sports.

So, when it comes to F1 and NASCAR, which is the better and more prominent motorsport?

F1 has become more popular across a wider audience due to its global appeal, as races take place all over the world. Meanwhile, NASCAR is based mainly in America and is not as frequently viewed in Europe, so this may have an effect on the overall star power for those names involved in each motorsport.

Lewis Hamilton is currently the leading light in Formula 1, and after securing his sixth and latest world championship crown, his reputation will undoubtedly rocket even further. Other big names on the F1 circuit include Germany’s four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, rising talent Max Verstappen, Monaco native Charles Leclerc and experienced veteran Valtteri Bottas.

Meanwhile, over in the world of NASCAR, there are respective star names as well. Potential championship contender Ryan Blaney is one such rising name, while Jimmie Johnson is perhaps the biggest name right now and for sure the top earner, despite the worst season of his career in 2018. Others include Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick and Joey Logano.

There’s no doubting that NASCAR has suffered in recent years due to the retirement of many of its biggest and best drivers. The likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and many others have all finished their high-profile careers, and this has seen the sport’s lost star power have a huge impact on viewership, as viewer figures have evidently dropped since these names left the circuit.

There are many key points in any argument over which sport is actually better and more entertaining to watch from a fan perspective, though there are many stereotypes that come with this as well.

With regards to F1, NASCAR fans would claim that it’s very dull. There is little overtaking during the course of any long, overdrawn circuit and typically the same guy, whoever has the better car, tends to dominate for years. The rules can be very hard to follow and it’s a ridiculously expensive sport.

In NASCAR, F1 followers would outline the fact the drivers only go in one direction in every race; left. Plus, the actual cars used aren’t the most stylish or easy on the eye. But both sports have their positives and that’s what makes them so popular across the globe.

Whether you lean towards F1 or NASCAR, there’s no doubting that both provide plenty of drama and excitement to keep the masses entertained each and every raceday.