Ferrari 250 GTO Documentary

Every five years, there is a gathering of Ferrari 250 GTOs from around the world celebrating the car’s anniversary. French champagne maker Moët & Chandon sponsors the get-together, which last took place in 2007 at Infineon Raceway and California’s wine country.

Former Ferrari 250 GTO owner Stephen Mitchell attended the gathering in part to introduce his daughter to the car he loved so much. What he didn’t foresee, however, was how seeing and hearing twenty GTOs would propel him into action.

According to Mitchell, “What began as informal home movie clips developed into some reflections and observations that propelled me towards a full-length documentary on the GTO and its owners past and present.”

Mitchell has released a preview of his documentary. He reports, “I am shooting interviews and hope to deliver a finished product before the end of the year.”

Sports Car Digest cannot wait. Enjoy the preview video.

[Source: Stephen Mitchell]