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 When one hears the title Dawn Treader, for a split second one is transported back into the fictional and fantasy world of Narnia and the imaginings of author C.S. Lewis. The name, Shackleton, moves one into the authentic and heroic age of exploration. Lastly, Sywell Aerodrome, is a venue that in decorative terms has remained in the magical “art deco” style of the late 1920s when it was built. However, none of these are real clues as to the business of Dawn Treader Performance Engineering Ltd., Shackleton Hangar, Sywell Aerodrome, in the UK.

DT Performance Engineering’s Managing Director, Patrick Morgan, has his DNA cast deeply in automotive engineering in the form of his late father, Paul Morgan—the “mor” of Ilmor—and founder of the very same. Carrying on this family trait, Patrick`s company specializes in the exacting restoration of the more exotic racing cars, particularly the 1980s turbo cars that are now becoming popular. Patrick too, has his own passion for Indycars, and has been involved with personal projects of rebuilding two Penske cars, the PC19 and PC26, which have been crowd pullers at various exhibitions and graced venues such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. A PC23 is now undergoing the same treatment.

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