1984 Porsche 956C
1984 Porsche 956C

Classic 24 Hour Daytona 2014 – Report and Photos

Classic 24 Hour Daytona 2014 – Main Photo Gallery (click image for larger picture and description)

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HSR Classic 24 Hour Daytona 2014 – Race Winners

Group A 1960 – 1972
1. Marc Devis / Christien Traber, 1966 Lola T70 Mk. I Spyder

Group B 1973 – 1982
1. Robert Boller / Josh Boller, 1976 Chevron B36

Group C 1983 – 1993
1. Tommy Dreeland / Aaron Scott, 1987 Porsche 962

Group D 1994 – 2002
1. Paul Reisman / John Reisman, 2002 Lola B2K/40

Group E 2003 – 2010
1. Andy Wallace / Doug Smith, 2005 Audi R8 (overall winners)

Group F HSR Sports and GT
1. Paul Reisman / John Reisman, 2006 Porsche Boxster

[Source: David Ferguson]

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  1. I just realized why I hardly go to vintage races anymore…911s and Mustangs and Camaros. Great fun to drive but I’m just old and tired of looking at them. I’m glad folks are enjoying their prototypes and such, but they just ain’t vintage or historic to me.

    1. Toly, it is good to see that you are up and around and still a crochety old fart..big grin. When my mother told me about your accident, I was devastated. The last time I saw you was at TWS some umpteen years ago when you were racing an Opel GT of all things. Thank you for building Hallett, we still enjoy it today. Unfortunately, TWS is going under the chopping block next year, so February will be our last race there.

      Take care

      Jarrell Jennings the Third
      Member CVAR

      [email protected]

  2. Thanks for the great photos. I enjoyed seeing one of the cars I crewed on back in the 70’s while going to school at Embry Riddle, the John Caruso #48 that Harry Dinwiddie now owns. Also nice to see Guido Levetto active on the site.

  3. Great work David. You report is excellent and your photos had me coming back time and time again to look at. Actually, when I was looking at your photos I was thinking, “Why aren’t my photos that good?”

    1. Thank you David for the great shots. I was there and enjoyed every minute. HSR did a great job.I really enjoyed the sit down session with the legend drivers talking about the historic races and having the young guns of today. Young Rahal and the Taylor boys.It was great. GO DAVID GO SPORTSCAR RACING. THANK YOU AGAIN.

  4. I am from California. Which is better event to go to? Sebring historic races in December or Daytona historic races in November? I’ve been to Sonoma Historic races and Monterey historic races. I love great access and loud cars.

    Great pictures. I like seeing the not so old 2000-ish race cars. That gives me hope.

  5. Great pics of a great event, we are so glad we made our way fron Germany to Daytona to be back on that great piece of American racing, hope we can make it back again in 2016! Thanks to all at HSR for a fantastic job!!!!