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Citroën 2CV Charleston 40th Anniversary

Citreon 2CV Charleston

October 2020 marks forty years since Citroën launched the “Charleston” special series. It was back in 1980 when Citroën released 8,000 2CV Charleston models for the price of 24,800 Francs. The new model retained its iconic round headlights and was matched with the maroon and black body paint.

Following in the footsteps of the 2CV Spot from 1976, the 2CV6 Charleston started the new wave of limited editions. Despite the finish of the 2CV Charleston being inspired by the Citroën 2CV Club, the 2CV6 Charleston was a standout due to its special upholstery and the round headlights, similar to the one on the 2CV Spécial.  

In July 1981, due to the immense popularity of the limited series model, Citroën decided to include it in the Citroën catalogue and commence mass production at the Levallois plant. The mass-produced version was different from the limited edition that was initially released in terms of its diamond-patterned grey upholstery and chrome headlights that were fitted.  

The cars were initially released with a Delage Red and Black finish, and by July 1982, they added a Hélios Yellow and Black variant. In July 1983, they replaced the Hélios Yellow with a version that had two shades of grey, Cormorant Grey and Night Grey. 

In 1988, production proceeded at the Mangualde plant located in Portugal. The Mangualde models are easily identifiable by their windows as it sports the name of their Spanish glazier, “Covina.”  

At 4:30pm on July 27, 1990, the final 2CV, a Night Grey and Cormorant Grey 2CVC6 Charleston, left the Mangualda production line. At this time, there were a total of 5,114,969 units produced.

The 2CV is an iconic vehicle of the automotive world and has been a constant darling of collectors around the world. The Charleston was very instrumental in the success of the 2CV in the last 10 years of its production. 

The 2CV has ten special editions that were launched in France and other European countries: 


  • 1976: 2CV Spot 
  • 1980: 2CV Charleston 
  • 1981: 2CV 007 James Bond 
  • 1983 and 1984: 2CV France 3 
  • 1985 and 1986: 2CV Dolly 
  • 1986: 2CV Cocorico 


  • 1982: 2CV Marcatelo 

Germany?and Switzerland:  

  • 1985: 2CV Ente Grün 


  • 1987: 2CV Bamboo 


  • 1988: 2CV Perrier  

Back in 2008, as part of the 60th anniversary of the 2CV, Citroën launched a limited-edition Charleston that was based on the Citroën Pluriel Charleston with the Delage Red and Black interior. 

More information about the 2CV Charleston can be found at Citroën.

[Source: Citroën]