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Famous Race Cars on Stamps

50 Jahre AVUS Rennen 1921-1971 – Berlin 1971

Opened in 1921 just outside of Berlin the Automobil-Verkehrs- und Übungsstraße (AVUS or Automobile traffic and training road) circuit is the oldest freeway in Europe when open to the public and also used as a motor racing circuit until 1998. The track consisted of two 9 km long, parallel straights connected by a 180 degree curve at each end.

The North curve was rebuilt in the 30s with a surface of red bricks and had a banking of 43 degrees.AVUS

The track transitioned into a low vertical wall and any driver unfortunate enough to go over the wall could expect to fly off into oblivion.

It was not long before the cure became known as the “Wall of Death”.
On the straights the cars could reach 380 km/h while the North curve could be taken with 180 km/h. Hermann Lang, the Mercedes driver would remark that when taking the North Curve he could see the red bricks from the left side of the cockpit in his Mercedes streamliner and nothing but sky to his right.

Ayrton Senna – Brazil 1994

Internationale Automobil – Und – Motorrad Ausftstellung Berlin – Germany 1939

Gilles Villeneuve – Canada 1997

100th Anniversary of Achille Varzi’s Birth

Ferrari Campione del Mondo – San Marino 2000

50 Anniversary Ferrari

Juan-Manuel Fangio – Argentina 2001

Mika Hakkinen – Suomi Finland 1998

Sepang F1 Circuit – Malaysia

XX Grand Prix Automobile – Monaco 1962

Land Speed Record Cars, Great Britain

Automobile Show –  Monaco 1967

Monaco 1967

Bugatti 1931Alfa Romeo 1932Mercedes 1936Maserati 1948Ferrari 1955Alfa Romeo 1950Maserati 1957Cooper-Climax 1958Lotus-Climax 1960Lotus-Climax 1961Cooper-Climax 1962BRM 1963-66Walter Christie 1907Peugeot 1910