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24H SERIES Season Finale To Announce A New Circuit

Sebring Circuit © 24H SERIES
Sebring Circuit © 24H SERIES

On November 18 to 20, it was scheduled that the 2022 season finale for 2022 24H SERIES powered by Hankook will be held at the Sebring International Raceway. Unfortunately, CREVENTIC is unable to guarantee safe passage of team containers and the equipment inside due to the ongoing uncertainty in global logistics chains. The containers were needed to cross the Atlantic within the allotted time. To avoid disrupting the preparations of the competitors for the event, and to also avoid the unfortunate circumstances that threatened to stop the Hankook 24H SEBRING last year, CREVENTIC has decided to use another, world-class venue in place of the Sebring International Raceway for its 24-hour event.

More information regarding the new 24H SERIES season finale will be released soon.

CREVENTIC sends their appreciation and thanks to the management at the Sebring International Raceway for their understanding and diligence. CREVENTIC hopes that in the future, the vaunted American circuit will once again be part of the 24H SERIES.

Sporting coordinator Ole Dörlemann shared, “This decision was, of course, a very difficult one for us to make, given the magnitude of any endurance event, let alone a season finale. It is, however, a decision we feel was absolutely correct. The health, safety and well-being of all 24H SERIES competitors remains our absolute priority, and the transportation assistance we provide to teams throughout the year is a program of which we are very proud. With global logistics proving highly unpredictable at this time however, CREVENTIC was unwilling to take, what we felt, was an unnecessary risk. We would like to thank all of our competitors for their patience.”

CREVENTIC has notified and updated all the teams that has already registered for this year’s season finale. They will be contacted again to re-confirm their entry when more details about the replacement venue have been finalized.

To know more about the 2022 24H SERIES calendar, please go to the 24H SERIES website.