100th Anniversary Indy 500 Celebration of Automobiles

1935 Duesenberg JN and a 1914 MarmonA rich century of automotive heritage will be honored Friday, May 13 and Saturday, May 14, 2011 during the 100th Anniversary Indy 500 Celebration of Automobiles at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The 100th Anniversary Indy 500 Celebration of Automobiles will be a competition between automobile owners to be judged on the appearance of their cars. The event will celebrate the significance of vehicular transportation and competition to Indianapolis and be a centerpiece of the numerous festivities planned to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race on Sunday, May 29.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for classic car owners and enthusiasts,” said Jeff Belskus, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Corporation president and chief executive officer. “But the 100th Anniversary Indy 500 Celebration of Automobiles is much more than just a car show. It will be a memorable tribute to the greatest race in the world and a fitting start to a month of festivities surrounding ‘The Most Important Race in History.’”

The 100th Anniversary Indy 500 Celebration of Automobiles will feature two divisions of automobiles manufactured between 1911-61, the first 50 years of the Indianapolis 500:

• Cars representing the 24 manufacturers that competed in the first Indianapolis 500 in 1911: Alco, Amplex, Apperson, Benz, Buick, Case, Cole, Cutting, Fiat, Inter-State, Jackson, Knox, Lozier, Marmon, McFarlan, Mercedes, Mercer, National, Pope-Hartford, Simplex, Stutz, Velie, Westcott.

• Other great classic cars produced between 1911-61.

Awards will be presented in three classifications in both divisions of automobiles. The classifications are named after the three track ownership eras of IMS: the Carl Fisher Era (cars built from 1911-27), Eddie Rickenbacker Era (1928-45) and Early Tony Hulman Era (1946-61).

Approximately 250 contestants will be invited from a pool of applicants to participate in the show. Participating cars will be on display at IMS and be driven around the famed 2.5-mile IMS oval during the show before being judged. Potential contestants can apply online at www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com/CelebrationOfAutomobiles or by mail.

An awards dinner, including a reception with legendary drivers of the Indianapolis 500, will take place during the Celebration at the IMS Hall of Fame Museum. Among the highlights of the gala dinner will be a display of all of the existing victorious cars from the Indianapolis 500 and interviews of Indianapolis 500-winning drivers by esteemed IMS Historian Donald Davidson.

Fans who attend Opening Day for the 2011 Indianapolis 500 on Saturday, May 14 can view all of the cars on display at the 100th Anniversary Indy 500 Celebration of Automobiles as part of their gate admission. Celebration activities May 13 will be for participants only.

For more information, visit 100th Anniversary Indy 500 Mile Race Celebration of Automobiles.

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