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Suixtil Apparel and Gear – Product Review

They say time machines don’t exist.  Perhaps they don’t understand the classic sports car phenomenon or perhaps they should hitch a ride on the Mille Miglia, Colorado Grand, California Mille or Targa Florio. As far as we’re concerned, time machines are real.

Of course the vintage driving experience includes divinely mechanical sounds, the sensation of speed, and the scent of old leather. A premium apparel brand, Suixtil, has been revived to complete the experience.

Beyond the obvious visual statement, the Suixtil product line adds a measure of functionality. Back in the day, hero drivers would carry spare bits such as spark plugs in the pockets of their Suixtil jackets. With advances in spark plug technology, we end up having a secure place to keep our cell phones. In addition to apparel, Suixtil offers useful driving gear such as gloves and touring bags.  Golf and tennis have their trademark clothing lines, why not the classic sports car hobby?

Back in the day, Escuderia Suixtil did more than simply write sponsorship checks. The legendary race team is associated with some of the greatest drivers in racing history including Juan Manuel Fangio, Benedicto Campos, Jose Froilan Gonzalez, and Onofre Marimon. As team principal, Suixtil founder Salomon Rudman provided the best possible cars and equipment for his drivers. Beyond wearing the team apparel, Fangio frequently gave away Suixtil pants and shirts to other prominent drivers across Europe and the Americas. Browse historic photos of Sir Stirling Moss, Jo Bonnier, Peter Collins and you’re likely to see Suixtil’s purposeful clothing in action.

Racing safety gear has come a long way since the ’50s and ’60s, Today, Suixtil apparel is appropriate for a Sunday morning drive or street legal rally.  Driving events such as the California Mille are high on everyone’s bucket list.  The right pair of driving gloves seem like a perfect complement to a rosewood steering wheel. The right jacket is important for changeable weather. Suixtil’s modern era carries forth the tradition of attention to detail. Right down to the “Escuderia Suixtil” buttons and artful hang tags, the clothing is as detailed as a fine Italian cockpit. Premium textiles are mixed with modern production techniques. The quality and tailoring are worth every dime.

Our favorite article of clothing, the Balcarce Race Shirt, features Juan Manuel Fangio Centenary Celebration insignia. Take our word, the shirt is particularly comfortable in a tight cockpit. The color is more rich in person than in photos. To our surprise, the shirt arrived in a cotton presentation bag. That detail made us consider adding the shirt to our collection, rather than hanging it in the closet. Suixtil makes it easy to fall in love with their products. The touring bag is a real lifesaver if your car lacks storage.

Reviving a classic brand is a smart move. As enduring style and quality craftsmanship are hallmarks of the sports car hobby.  Suixtil has been careful to style the clothing for everyday use, though some items like the pants are particularly retro. As such they might seem more appropriate for creating a period correct vibe during a rally. Everything else, shirts, sweaters, and jackets, will fit right at home in your daily wardrobe. Don’t expect Suixtil clothing to transform you into the next Fangio. The man makes the clothes, after all. We can vouch, however, that the spirit of racing’s heyday certainly comes through in this wonderful product line.

Suixtil clothing is available at or look for their display at major classic sports car events.