RBW Roadster

RBW Reveals the EV Roadster

On October 7th, classic car manufacturer RBW revealed the pre-production model of their stylish electric classic roadster. 

The RBW EV Roadster was inspired by the 1960s MGB Roadster. They have taken the classic, elegant design while delivering enhancements to meet the modern world. British Motor Heritage created a brand-new heritage body shell for the EV Roadster and under the hood is a patented power drivetrain system that took three years to develop.  

Together with Continental Engineering Services (CES) and Zytek Automotive, RBW has worked to bring to life founder Peter Swain’s vision of a vehicle that has the beauty and elegance of a classic car, but is equipped with modern electric engineering. 

“Our patented system places the electric motor at the rear of the car and Hyperdrive Innovation’s lithium-ion battery technology under the bonnet, which gives perfectly balanced weight distribution. Not only does this give the driver much better handling of the car, retaining that sports car feel, but it also affords maximum battery volume to be housed.”  

Managing Director, Peter Swain

The RBW roadster has a custom-made front and rear suspension, all independent employing coil-over damper technology around the vehicle, an OEM developed brake discs and calipers, and Regen braking. To ensure maintenance-free usage, it’s equipped with the latest generation of hub design and wheel bearing technology.

There are only 30 initial examples that have been produced, and the limited-edition, hand-crafted models have been developed with high-quality performance levels of noise and vibrations. Over the past 20 years, CES has gathered knowledge in optimizing Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) in such cars, particularly the difficulties caused by the replacement of an internal combustion engine with an electric drivetrain– this has been implemented in the RBW Roadster to guarantee a satisfying experience during pull-away, city-traffic, cruising and active driving.

The multi-function dashboard display combines driver gauges as well as safety diagnostic symbols in a simplified graphic interface created around safe and smooth operation whilst driving.

RBW also added a Wi-Fi® enabled, built-in navigation system from Pioneer. Other features include an HDMI input to mirror smartphones, an SD Card slot, Dual USB slots, and gold-plated RCA connectors to provide the best audio quality achievable. 

“What is even more exciting for us is that the RBW System and architecture can be installed into other body shells such as Austin Healey, Jaguar E-Type, Mini, and many more. Each car can be built to the clients’ personal specification and requirements. The opportunities are endless and therefore safeguards the future of classic motoring,” 

Peter Swain

Prototrim, with more than 100 years of experience in trim development, designed the interior of the car. The highest level of craftsmanship and care was delivered to the EV Roadster, producing an exquisite interior.

Future models are already being developed with a fixed head GT version that is due for release in 2021, as well as a second RBW electric recreation. 

RBW are currently bringing the car to clients for a Covid-free test drive. Orders are now being taken with production scheduled for early 2021, with the starting price of £90,000 plus taxes, and an initial deposit of £5,000.  

More information regarding this car can be found at RBW EV Classic Cars

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  1. Now you must come up with a fragrance to add to the interior of petroleum, oil, old leather, a bit of musk Or damp carpets

  2. When your spending north of $135K, you have a lot of options for your open driving enjoyment. You could have a very nice, low mileage, real E-Type OTS with all the enjoyment of the exhaust note, odors, other sounds, textures, and performance that made this highly sought after car world famous. Alternatively, you could have three or four very low mileage all metal bumper MGBs, each in outstanding condition. Part of the appeal of these iconic British cars was their relatively low purchase price making them available to a large number of enthusiast motorists.

  3. I’ll stick to the old mechanical setup . , When battery car is dead at side of the road , i will proudly drive by.

  4. I’m pleased that the electric components aren’t branded LUCAS, but the thought of an electric hum leaves me flat.

  5. I hope developments like this don’t result in the introduction of more legislation to restrict the use of proper classics.