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Moroso Turns 5 & 6

One of the “old school” low-grip/high-fun tracks, Moroso Motorsports Park, is a car control circuit, rewarding smoothness and sensitivity. The state of the art—for 1963—layout and paving (all the shell and coral is exposed as the tar has long since been bleached away) makes for an interesting combo of high tire wear and low grip. One of the more entertaining and satisfying sections is the Turns 5, 5a and 6 complex, before you exit onto the dragstrip backstretch, approaching the chicane.

There is a decent straight with some significant approach speed from Turn 4 up to 5, and you will float as much entry speed as you can stand into 5, so as to not compromise your exit off Turn 6. Six leads onto a critical straightaway, so exit speed is “Job One.” This means that 5a, the left-hand kink, is a rhythm section that connects everything together. The complex is all about flowing momentum….

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