Jaguar E-Type Parade Honors Anniversary

Jaguar E-Type Parade in LondonA convoy of 50 Jaguar E-types traveled together through London on 6, June to the 2011 Motorexpo in Canary Wharf, marking 50 years of the sports car in style.

Organised by the Jaguar Drivers’ Club, the convoy started its journey under police escort at Forbes House in central London, home of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The route took in landmarks including Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square before arriving at Canary Wharf where the cars lined up on display.

Leading the convoy was a team of professional cyclists joined by ex-Formula One World Champion Nigel Mansell, supporting Motorexpo’s chosen charity, UK Youth.

The Jaguar E-type was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1961. When launched its mix of daring design, advanced engineering and the ability to hit 150 mph caused a sensation. The intervening years have seen it become one of the most acclaimed and desirable sports cars of all time.

On arriving at Canary Wharf, Graeme Carver, CEO of Motorexpo commented: ‘It’s been a terrific day and a fitting tribute to the E-type – we are incredibly grateful to the police and all the owners for providing their support to make it possible. We all feel honoured to have taken part in such a key celebration of what was, and remains, a landmark car.’

The Motorexpo runs through to June 12, 2011. For more information visit

[Source: Jaguar]