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Introducing the Sports Car Digest Forum

Sports Car Digest is pleased to announce our new Forum section, a great place for enthusiasts to talk about auction results, event photographs, vintage racing action, stories from the golden years and much more.

The forum is a natural extension of the many interesting and great discussions that have taken place in the ‘comments’ area of individual stories published on Sports Car Digest. Our hope is that the forum will become a place where these discussions can be expanded even further, with readers adding photos and other information to supplement the stories.

The Sports Car Digest Forum is accessible from the navigational bar above or direct at

Feel free to post about anything you find interesting or questions you would like solved. For example, a story about a car or race that needs to be told, a good book you read, a “what is this?” picture and so forth. In addition, we encourage you to discuss the latest auction trends, vintage car racing stories and/or just about anything else you can imagine.

While the site is built on the leading vBulletin platform and should look very recognizable to Forum or Bulletin Board veterans, those new to the discussion board concept are encouraged to click on the “Frequently Asked Questions” tab to help guide you through the process. You have to register before you can post, which is a industry-standard practice to avoid issues with spam.

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect. The forum has six main sections: Auctions, Market Moves and Values; Events and Concours d’Elegance; Vintage Car Racing; Photo Gallery; Marques and Miscellaneous. While we have purposely limited the sections and sub-sections to date, we will happily add more sections as the site grows. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Auctions, Market Moves and Values – Discuss market movements and trends, surprising sales and more. Within this section, there are the following sub-categories: Marketplace Discussion and Auction Companies.

Events and Concours d’Elegance – Discuss events and Concours d’Elegance, including major events around the world and smaller, local events as well. Within this section, there are the following sub-categories: Concours d’Elegance and Local & Regional Events.

Vintage Car Racing – Discuss present day vintage racing and rallies, in addition to past, present and future races, drivers and cars. Within this section, there are the following sub-categories: Vintage Car Racing, Car, Race and Driver Profiles and Road Rallies.

Photo Gallery – Discuss and share your photos from the “golden age” of racing – F1, Can-Am, FIA, SCCA or others, as well as pictures taken from present day vintage races. Within this section, there are the following sub-categories: Vintage Photos and Modern “Vintage” Photos.

Marques – Discuss the great car makers from Italy, German, English and more. Within this section, there are the following sub-categories: Italian, German and English.

Miscellaneous – Anything that does not fit somewhere else goes here.

Contact Sports Car Digest – Questions or comments about the new forum can be directed to We look forward to talking more on the forum.