Gooding & Company Pebble Beach 2010 – Auction Report

Gooding & Company Pebble Beach 2010 – Auction Report Page Three

1966 Ford GT40 Mk I, S/N GT40P/1065
Lot # 054 1966 Ford GT40 Mk I; S/N GT40P/1065; Engine # SGT/27; Ice Blue/Black leather; Estimate $1,600,000 - $1,600,000; Recent restoration, 2+ condition; Hammered Sold at $1,500,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $1,650,000 -- RHD. Webers, 5-spoke alloy centerlock wheels, Goodyear Blue Streak tires, 6.00-15 front, 7.00-15 rear, four Weber intake. Excellent paint and interior. Freshly restored and better looking than new although detailing the wheels and tires seems to have been overlooked in the rush to get to the auction. A Ford demonstrator built as a road car with no competition history. This car has been customized several times in its early history to suit various owners' preferences. Its current livery dates from an unknown restoration but thoughtfully returned it to something close to its original road car configuration and better than new condition. The 3,183 miles on the odometer may well be real. It deserves to be driven, if only a little. At this price it can be and is a sound value.
1941 Buick Super Model 56C Convertible Coupe
Lot # 056 1941 Buick Super Model 56C Convertible Coupe; S/N 13978811; Lancaster Grey/Burgundy leather; Black cloth top; Estimate $90,000 - $120,000; Recent restoration, 1- condition; Hammered Sold at $82,500 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $90,750 -- ‘Compound Carburetion’ (dual carburetors), 3-speed, radio, dash clock, fog lights, fender skirts, remote spotlight. Front disc brakes and radial tires added for safety. A substantial body off the frame restoration with no detail overlooked. Excellent paint, chrome, interior, dashboard and gauges. 2001 class winner at Palo Alto and Silverado. No Reserve. This is a superb restoration and even with a few miles and years on it the quality is still evident. While these Buicks aren't designated CCCA Classics their appearance, performance and quality put them in close proximity and make this price more than appropriate.
1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Targa Speciale
Lot # 057 1969 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Targa Speciale, Body by Pininfarina; S/N 12925; Engine # B200 Internal #; Metallic Blue; White vinyl roof/Cream leather; Estimate $1,750,000 - $1,750,000; Visually maintained, largely original, 3- condition; Hammered Sold at $1,700,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $1,870,000 -- A/C, Radiomobile cassette stereo, A/C, 5-spoke alloy wheels, P/W, Plexiglas nose panel, fixed lights, brushed stainless steel roof hoop. Mediocre old repaint but otherwise original. Dirty and aged underhood, chassis is original and appropriate to its age and the 30,255 kilometers on the odometer. Needs nothing to be owned and shown with pride consistent with its originality, history, patina and unique design. Displayed by Pininfarina at Paris in 1969, later owned long term by Yoshiho Matsuda, then shown at the Ferrari 60th Anniversary at Fiorano. Largely original and well documented, but not particularly well preserved. This is a 60's-70's artifact that should be supplied complete with flowered shirt, blue bellbottoms and a white belt and loafers to complete the Carnaby Street ensemble. It is, well, strange, but also a significant example of the times and coachbuilders' attempts to create new and different effects from standard designs. Is it worth twice the price of a real Daytona Spider? The buyer thought so and who's to argue with real money except to say it's expensive.
1925 Duesenberg Model A Touring
Lot # 058 1925 Duesenberg Model A Touring, Body by Milspaugh & Irish; S/N 988; Engine # 1372; Red, Black fenders/Black leather; Tan cloth top; Estimate $150,000 - $200,000; Cosmetic restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $230,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $253,000 -- Tan wire wheels, Elgin clock, single wiper, folding windshield, rear-mounted spare, dual Stewart spotlights, front Watson stabilators. A nice cosmetic restoration of a fairly rare car. Excellent paint and nickel plating, beginning to show some signs of use on chassis and running board rubber doesn't lay flat. Formerly owned by Homer Fitterling and Ed Weaver. Reported to have been driven some 3,500 miles on tours in the last four years. An attractive car and ready to drive without hesitation. Its a fraction of the price of a J, but admits its new owner into all the ACD and other activities. Even at 15% over the high estimate it is a good value for the money.
1949 Talbot-Lago T-26C Racing Monoplace
Lot # 059 1949 Talbot-Lago T-26C Racing Monoplace; S/N 110006; Engine # 45109; Dark Blue/Dark Brown leather; Estimate $650,000 - $850,000; Competition restoration, 2- condition; Hammered Sold at $560,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $616,000 -- Grey painted wire wheels, aeroscreen. Raced by Georges Grignard with success, then by Jacques Swaters' Ecurie Belgique. Later restored by Gerry Sherman in the U.S. and Henry Wessels and E. Dean Butler, most recently restored in 2009 by Scott Sargent with engine by Gary Okoren. Good paint with re-created patina, good upholstery. Sound, sharp historic racing condition. Reported sold by Bonhams at Quail Lodge in 2009 for $557,000, freshly restored. Renowned for their torque, reliability and the fuel economy that sometimes made them competitive with faster but more thirsty GP cars, the Talbot-Lagos are wonderful, dramatic racers able to light up their tall skinny tires in a fabulous display of tire smoke coming off slower corners. Welcome participants in exclusive events like the Monaco GP Historique, this is an economical entry ticket and a wonderful car that will reward its new owner on the track and in concours. It is a sound value at this price.
1983 Lancia LC-2 Group C, s/n 002
Lot # 060 1983 Lancia LC-2 Group C; S/N 002; White ‘Martini’./Black carbon fiber; Estimate $1,000,000 - $1,400,000; Competition restoration, 2 condition; Not sold at a Hammer bid of $950,000 -- Long racing history starting at the Monza 1000km in 1983 (9th overall) through Spa in 1985 (pole and 4th overall). Acquired from Lancia in 1988, restored by Canepa Design with a breathtaking bill of $350,000. No subsequent historic racing history. Decent paint. Sharp, clean chassis and cockpit. Restored like new with a little age. Unsuccessful in their prime racing history, but as the catalog noted becoming competitive in historic endurance racing. How much does it take to own it? A good question which this appearance has done little to answer.
1934 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Pescara ‘Monza’
Lot # 063 1934 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Pescara ‘Monza’; S/N 700571; Engine # 700571; Dark Red/Black leather; Estimate $475,000 - $550,000; Non-factory replica, 2+ condition; Not sold at a Hammer bid of $450,000 -- RHD. All the right Alfa stuff from the Jaeger tach on the steering column to the folding windshield and aeroscreens. Engine has a reproduction supercharger. 180hp, 210 lb-ft torque. Overdrive and synchros on third and fourth gears, hydraulic brakes. Freshly done and very sharp. Now needs to be driven a few thousand miles to get some patina. Looks like a Monza, and probably runs like one, too, even with two fewer cylinders. This is a pretty amazing construction although its attributes are more valuable to a Monza owner who wants most the driving experience without risking the nearly priceless real thing (of which one would sell here tomorrow for $6.1 million hammer, $6,710,000 with commission.) This mechanical fascination might have fared better if it were on the docket after the real Monza.
1967 Baja Boot Off-Road Racer
Lot # 064 1967 Baja Boot Off-Road Racer; S/N MICH67229; Red/Black; Estimate $200,000 - $300,000; Competition restoration, 3- condition; Hammered Sold at $200,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $220,000 -- Edelbrock-Weber throttle body fuel injection. Dull paint, stone chipped fenders. Orderly and surprisingly clean but definitely has seen some use. Raced by Steve McQueen in period. Mexican 1000 and Baja 1000 veteran and raced until at least 1984, restored in the mid-90's. There is no more important off-road racer than this pioneer of the construction of specialist off-road machinery with big V8 power. Add in the McQueen history and the overall good condition and this price is something of a bargain -- if off-road is in a bidder's blood. Sold by Bonhams at Quail Lodge two years ago for $199,500, essentially the money it brought here today and a good measure of its history and appeal.
1930 Cord Front Drive L-29 Boattail Speedster
Lot # 065 1930 Cord Front Drive L-29 Boattail Speedster, Body by after LaGrande; S/N 2928675; Cranberry Red, Cream coachline/Tan and reptile leather; Estimate $200,000 - $300,000; Rebodied or re-created, 1+ condition; Hammered Sold at $260,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $286,000 -- Chrome wheels, dual-side whitewalls, dual enclosed sidemounts with chrome bands and mirrors. Rebodied on a shortened wheelbase to exacting specs by the Tyree brothers. Restored to beyond perfect, concours-quality standards, First Place at Ironstone in 2007 and class winner at Hillsborough in 2008. One look makes it plain why someone went to this much time and expense: it is a sleek, dramatic design that complements the L-29's low slung chassis. No Reserve. Purchased for the price of the coachwork, the motor and chassis were thrown in for nothing. This is eye-candy, but an expensive sugar fix.
1968 Ferrari Dino 206 GT Alloy Berlinetta
Lot # 066 1968 Ferrari Dino 206 GT Alloy Berlinetta, Body by Pininfarina; S/N 00280; Engine # 135B0000004938; Red/Black leather, cloth inserts; Estimate $180,000 - $220,000; Recent restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $150,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $165,000 -- Alloy nose reproduced during restoration in 2008 to replace a replacement steel nose fitted in the early 80's. Impressively and sympathetically restored, clean and with good repaint and new interior. Not by any standards a show car, but an attractive and very presentable early Dino. This result accomodates this car's repairs with its inherent value as one of the first, alloy-bodied, Dinos and its utilitarian restoration. The seller should be very pleased to get this much for it, despite the optimistic low estimate.
1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible
Lot # 067 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible; S/N VC57C179984; Engine # F306EB; Imperial Ivory/Red vinyl, Silver inserts; White vinyl top; Estimate $90,000 - $120,000; Older restoration, 2- condition; Hammered Sold at $55,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $60,500 -- 283/270hp, dual quads, 3-speed, pushbutton radio, spinner wheel covers, whitewalls, dash clock, heater. A quality older restoration to like new condition that has mellowed somewhat with a few paint bubbles and touchups. Not the best, but very attractive. No Reserve. This is nothing if not a very good value that seemed to have missed its target audience here at Pebble Beach. The buyer who picked it up got more car than the money it cost.
1955 Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America
Lot # 068 1955 Lancia Aurelia B24S Spider America, Body by Pinin Farina; S/N B24S1156; Engine # 1210; Metallic Green/Beige leather; Beige cloth top; Estimate $425,000 - $550,000; Older restoration, 3+ condition; Hammered Sold at $460,000 plus commission of 10.00%; Final Price $506,000 -- Nardi dual carburetor intake, twin trip odometers, chrome wire wheels, floor shift. Sound old repaint, good upholstery and soft interior trim, scratched windshield, decent but not exceptional chrome. Well restored with some use showing in the oily residue and grime on the chassis and low in the engine compartment. Restored in 1989 for Silvano Cima in Italy and used on the Mille Miglia, Tour Auto, Sanremo Rally and others. Then sold to Nico Koel who continued to use it including the Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti and Modena Cento Ore Classic. Subsequently mechanically completely gone through in the U.S. Thoroughly documented and in need of nothing to be returned to active use on tours, events and historic rallies. Sold by Bonhams at Monaco in 2005 for $297,905 (Euros 236,000 compared with Euros 396,300 here) the marketplace is according these rare, attractive and beautifully driving and handling Lancias their due. This is a reasonable price for this example which has had years of careful, sympathetic use and care and promises to give its next owner even more of the same.