Dick Smith 427 Cobra to Riverside Automotive Museum

Dick Smith 427 CobraRiverside International Automotive Museum announced the arrival of the Dick Smith 427 Cobra, which is billed as the most important 427 Cobra in the country and “the winningest 427 Cobra produced.”

Riverside calls it the most significant 427 Cobra you will ever see and who are we to argue? In addition to winning many national and divisional championships in his Cobra, Dick Smith also set the record at the 1967 Daytona American Road Race of Champions for the fastest production sports car at 198.047 mph. Because of this, the car is also called the fastest 427 in the world.

The Dick Smith 427 Cobra now resides at the Riverside International Automotive Museum, which is open to the public 12 pm until 4 pm, Wednesday through Friday; 10am to 4pm on Saturdays. Suggested Admission is $5.00 and donations are welcome. The museum is located at 815 Marlborough Avenue, Suite 200 in Riverside, California.

For more information, visit riversideinternational.org or call (951) 369-6966.

[Source: RIAM]

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      1. My father raced with Mr. Smith and I am trying to contact family members because I have one of Dicks trophys from the 60 era…..Does anyone remember Al Cadrobbi???

        1. Al, I saw where u were trying to get ahold of dicks family. Dick is my uncle, which family members would you like to get ahold of? Is son logan is on facebook also if you would like to contact him

        2. Logan my nephew and Dicks youngest son did not recieve anything after his fathers death and I have noticed that Dicks last wife is selling all of Dicks stuff on line. I do believe that Logan would be very appreciative of anything of his Fathers. I have the British Car magazine with Dick and my sister Carol (Dicks wife and Logans mom) were featured on the Mag very cool. I and all of my family have alot od Dicks tshirts and such and we would not give them up for anything in the world.

          1. Anonymous–it is sad that Dick`s last wife -is well-getting all the “Glory” of selling Dick Smith`s “Hard-Earned” material-no matter how small or big it is—when there is others that have lost a “loved” one also.I do not know all the circumstances involed-BUT there is something “wrong” in this situation from where i sit————–
            PS send me an e-mail on an item of Dick`s -i`d like to see————–Thanks

            1. Dick’s stuff is not for sale on-line as reported by @anonymous. Dick ensured his wife was taken care of as well as his son. His ex-wife on the other hand, is most likely upset because she did not recieve anything. Logan will be just fine.

              1. Yes, I, Logan, am just fine making my way through life on my own. I care a hell of a lot more about my fathers rightful belongs than my mother does. YOU are just another internet “car guy” getting on here ranting about Heather and the car and how great they are together. DO NOT get on here and say anything about anyones ex wives, assumptions or not. Nothing is for sale, it all sold. And its all fine! the legacy is gone! It’s better that way. Heather spent all of Dicks money and moved onto the next “geezer” in the club, spent his money too and got a divorce! This really is nothing to shine on, it has all fallen apart.

                RIP Dad


                Anyone, feel free to contact me for FACTS
                [email protected]

              2. To John-I don`t know or what relationship you had with Dick personally or with his last wife-but you are talking about “my family”-so your commits about his “x-wife” should be kept to yourself or speak “face to face” -then see/findout some of the true facts -there is 2 sides to each story.
                I personally enjoyed Dick 100%-I only knew Dick thru his marriage with my niece-Carol-of which I care about-and “Logan” is part of my family-so what you say about my “family” -I take it personally.
                I can turn the “other cheek”-but the consequenses is not one would expect——–
                RIP Dick Smith

  1. Dick Smith was a good friend of the family, we new him since late 70s. I remember my father had a big party before the PaloAlto Concours in which we stored this cobra as well as a GT40 mk 2 in our garage overnite. The next day after the show Dick and myself made a beer run in the cobra. He offered to let me drive but I foolishly declined. Great Guy.

    Cheers Dve Day

      1. Randy, Dad is doing good thx. No Shelby products anymore he is into old fat fendered hot rods. He lives in Grass Valley CA. Was your cobra white with blue stripes buy chance?
        Cheers Dave Day

  2. I met Dick Smith when I was about 9 years old. He gave me my first taste of beer (he had a tap in his kitchen!). He let me ride on a Yamaha 90 which I promptly drove into his porsche! Luckily, the fender was already dented. I was in awe of all of his trophies hanging on his walls.

    When I ran into him (no pun intended) 20 years later at a Concours D’Elegance in Norther California, he remembered me. He was a truly classy guy and a great racer. I watched him drive #198 in historic races over the years as well. He will be missed. I’m glad his car is in a museum where lots of people can see the REAL 427 Cobra!

  3. Twenty-five +/- years ago, I built a Porsche Speedster kit car. Rick Titus, who was working for Kit CAr magazine at the time, noticed my car at the Northern California Kit Car Show at Knott’s Berry Farm. I later got a call from the magazine inviting me to bring my car to Sears Point for a an article on Porsche kit cars.

    There were three kit Porsches there and due to track insurance policies, only licensed race car drivers could drive on the track. The licensed drivers were rick Titus, Dan(?) Day and Dick Smith.

    What a thrill it was to sitting next to Dick as he drove my little Speedster around the track. The article which appeared in the magazine was very comprehensive and featured the three cars on the cover while going around the track. My red Speedster was the lead car in the picture.

    I’ll never forget that experience, nor will I ever forget what a truly nice person Dick was.

  4. dick smith was my uncle i have a lot of memoreys in that car . im glad to here so many people love and respected my uncle for who he was and what he did in his racing career.last time knew the car was apraised in 1991 for 4.6 million . to know its in a museum is a great releif to me .i love and miss u uncle dick ….love matthew j reed.

  5. Just saw the website. Wondered if hours, etc., are still valid. I was there opening day at Riverside, later when Penske won after he had a great time at Speed Week, Nausau. Was hooked on racing since I saw my first race in 1952 at Palm Springs airport. Saw all those great Miles/McAfee duels. What great days. Definately want to make it to the museum.

  6. I have wondered what happened to his “Cobra”-I personally know that he wanted his “198 Cobra” to stay in AMERICA-Thank You Mrs.Dick [Heather] Smith.
    I have a picture of Dick working on his Cobra—————

  7. Dick loved the Ferrari Virginia City Hill climb and drove there several times

    We became good friends in SCCA and Vintage races

    I’m glad I never needed a “Bail Bond”

    He was a real gentleman

  8. I too knew Dick, back in the 70’s, when he was showing dogs. He was truly one of the great ones. I was friends with his step-daughter, Alice. I have really fond memories of flying back and forth during the summers, from Fresno to Scotts Valley, and a wonderful vacation with them in Oregon. Some of the best times of my life. A big thrill was to ride in his awesome Cobra. I was just sick when I heard about his death, and out of respect for him, I went to his funeral. I adored Dick! He was warm and personable with everyone he met. A true “GENTLE” MAN in every sense of the word. I’m saddened to think that his wife is selling off the things he worked so hard for, and loved doing. I think of Dick a lot, and miss him.

  9. My father and I met Dick in the mid 80’s. We did not know him enough to say we were friends but my favorite stories from Dick were about how they would “Ford the Chevys” causing them to overheat then passing the Corvettes with a wave and smile and 1/4 more throttle to let the Corvettes know the Cobras still had more pedal and power. Dick laughed as he told those stories.

  10. My name is Richard Poole and my son received a plaque of Dick Smith Perpetual Award as a gift from a friend and I am trying to find out more about it. The friend that gave it to my son says that there are only two plaques in existence and that the other plaque is in a museum somewhere. If someone could please help me that would be great.

    1. Hello Richard. I may be able to help you. I am brother Dick’s only sister. I live in San Luis Obispo ca. I noticed it has never been mentioned, Dick had a brother and sister in all the write ups. I stay in contact with Carol ( ex-wife ) and Logan, now 26 yrs. Logan could probably help you. Iva

  11. Dick was my car buddy, and a fellow pilot. My wife, Terry, sold his home at Sierra sky park. He always enjoyed “duck dinners” at our old home in Fresno. He bought my Triumph TR 6 when we moved to Bend. He is missed. Steve Pistole, Meridian, Id.