Bentley Drivers Club Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Bentley Drivers Club meetingThe Bentley Drivers Club is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Club’s formation in 2011, a wonderful achievement that will be honored with several special events.

Founded by Kelston Pelmore in the Spring of 1936, starting with a simple postcard placed on all Bentleys in the Brooklands car park that year, and with 26 initial members, the Bentley Drivers Club has steadily grown to the world-wide family that it is today.

The Bentley Drivers Club history is about driving these fabulous Bentley motor cars created by W.O. Bentley – from the early days of the daring Bentley Boys, the racing at Le Mans, and the very luxurious early saloon cars to the contemporary and stylish models of today – the members of the Bentley Drivers Club revel in driving their cars; whether it be a Grand Tour, Racing at the Annual Meet at Silverstone, displaying their cars at the Annual Concours d’Elegance or simply driving to the local hostelry, the enjoyment for the driver is at the heart of the Bentley car.

The celebrations continue throughout 2011 commencing with a special Britain by Bentley Tour, where over 50 cars from across the world join together to visit the length and breadth of the UK starting the event with a Grand Ball at the Savoy in London, imitating the daring deeds of the early Bentley Boys; the Annual Concours in June will host the birthday celebration party; a 2-day Racing Event is planned for August where the party continues, finishing the year with an International Weekend in Cheltenham. Around the UK and across the world the regions will be hosting their own events to commemorate the Bentley Drivers Club’s birthday.

An exciting year and a great milestone achieved – if you would like to know more about The BDC and our 75th celebrations please contact the Club House on 01295 738886 or visit

[Source: Bentley Drivers Club]