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Aston Martin DB4 Undergoes Extensive Restoration By Hilton & Moss

World-leading specialists in the restoration and sales of classic and distinguished vehicles Hilton & Moss has again brought the spotlight on the much beloved Aston Martin with the restoration of the 1960 Aston Martin DB4.

Under the care of Hilton & Moss, this DB4 had a complete and extensive restoration. Finished in Silver Birch, it embodies its silver screen presence that made it one of the most famous cars in cinematic history.

The DB4 is the first Aston Martin model to be featured in a James Bond film, and it set the groundworks for the appearance of its successor, the Aston Martin DB5, in the movie series. Special effects designers in the James Bond film crew picked the DB4 as a test car in the 1962 film Goldfinger.

The legendary legacy of the DB4 started to pick up just as Aston Martin was about to end its production run in 1963. To this day, the DB4 is one of the highly coveted models. Though there are a lot of different factors to its legendary status, one of them is definitely due to its gorgeous Italian-styled Carrozzeria Touring body, reinforced by its patented Superleggera tubular and alloy body construction. Matched to an engine that was designed by a true-blue racing driver in Tadek Marek, and it is not surprising that the DB4 is the complete grand touring package.

Tapped for this very important project, the expert restoration teams from Hilton & Moss enlisted the help of a network of specialist advisers to bring together the legendary classic design of the DB4 and the modern-day performance engineering. Even the mechanical components were given a complete overhaul during the project so that it’ll match the beautiful exterior of the grand tourer. Specialist partner Oselli helped to modernize the DB4 as it was converted to run on unleaded fuel.

The expert restoration teams from Hilton & Moss had access to their 125,000 sq./ft., state-of-the-art facility where they gave the example an impressive full bare metal respray. From its original green finish, the example was given a new, manufacturer approved gorgeous Silver Birch finish.

Even the four-speed David Brown gearbox went through the same restoration process and was fully rebuilt with integrated overdrive, to give its driver the classic design behind the wheel.

Hilton Group Founder Peter Hilton shared, “The Aston Martin DB4 not only has star-studded film star credentials, but also boasts a design philosophy that would set the precedent for the iconic model that would follow it. Myself and the entire team at Hilton & Moss are honoured to be able to restore such a giant of British motoring to its former glory, and continue our distinguished heritage of restoring some of the world’s finest cars.”