The Aintree Grand Prix Circuit

History of the Aintree Grand Prix Circuit

For horse racing enthusiasts planning to wager on the Grand National 2021 with bet365 in April, the Aintree racecourse is an iconic venue that has hosted great races in history. The world-famous Grand National venue also has a long history as a venue for motorsport. This 3-mile (4.83 km) track was unveiled by Raymond Mays and Earl Howe in 1954, and it remains Britain’s only circuit designed purposely for the Grand Prix and exists in its entirety.

The Aintree Circuit hosted the British Grand Prix in 1962, 1961, 1959, 1957, and 1955. Stirling Moss was the first racer to claim victory in Aintree after he recorded his first Grand Prix win in 1955. That was also the first time that a British driver claimed a win in his home Grand Prix. The first British car to win a home Grand Prix was also in Aintree in 1957 when Tony Brooks and Moss shared a Vanwall. This was the premier Formula 1 competition of the season, and it was dubbed Grand Prix d’Europe, attracting 150,000 spectators.

The Grand Prix circuit continued hosting full races until 1964, although the 1535-mile club circuit remained open and continued hosting races until the early 80s. From the mid-60s to the late 90s, the Club Circuit was run by Aintree’s Circuit Club, offering incredible racing action to fans.

While racing almost halted at Aintree in the 80s, St Hellen’s (a 108 car club) brought back rallying to the circuit and revitalized its use with fresh and innovative ideas. The circuit still hosts a limited number of motorsports events to date in track days, car sprints, and motorcycle racing hosted at the Club Circuit. The Aintree MotorCycle Club organizes motorcycle competitions, running six events annually.

The Liverpool Motor Club organizes the car events at Aintree in three sprints organized in April, June, and September. There are also track days in October and May, hosted on the Club Circuit. Additionally, the Club Circuit welcomes occasional visiting events like the schools’ Greenpower Electric Car Race and bicycle races.

Aintree’s Club Circuit is located within the Grand National Course and features a nine-hole golf course. The Grand National racecourse is run and owned by the Jockey Club, which organizes the iconic three-day horse racing event that culminates in the year’s greatest steeplechase. The event attracts the attention of over 500 million people worldwide.