Website Review – Bring a Trailer

“Barn finds, rally cars and needles in the haystack” is the very fitting tag line for one of our favorite sites, Bring a Trailer.

On a daily basis, Bring a Trailer brings its readers the very best and neatest vintage cars that are hiding, typically not in actual barns, but throughout the online world. They search the web for interesting and exciting cars that are currently for sale, highlight the interesting or unusual features and the best uses for it.

And they have the uncanny ability to pick out cars that we want, even though we didn’t know that we wanted them. That leads us to the following two warnings:

1) The site can be very dangerous in the wrong hands. It can – without any resistance on your part – lead to unneeded cars ending up in your garage, including the Iso Rivolta that ended up in Publisher Jamie Doyle’s garage.

2) If you are in interested in buying a featured car, act very fast because the cars featured on the site, in particular the BaT Exclusives, usually find buyers by the next day.

Bring a Trailer knows their material, evidenced by their wide range of understanding about design, fit and finish, correct period accessories or modifications, plus a myriad of other details that will leave you wanting for more. There are seemingly no qualifications for the featured cars, although they do lean towards unconventional cars that are drivers or those that waiting for the right owner to make them road worthy.

We strongly suggest you check them out at

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  1. Not cool when BAT screens the posts and won’t let constructive and informational posts about the vehicle be addressed. Very attached to their “regular” posters, to others not so much!!