Race Profile – 1989 IMSA GTO/GTU at Sears Point

The “American Le Mans Memories” online video series is a Speedtv.com and AmericanLeMans.com joint venture that opens up the vast ALMS/IMSA racing archives in order to show fans the original race broadcasts. The series started with the 1989 Sears Point IMSA Camel GTP/Camel Lights race and it continues with the coverage of the IMSA GTO/GTU race from the same weekend.

Similar to the GTP race, fans of the GTO/GTU series will immediately identify the drivers and cars, including the Audis, Mercurys, Nissans, Fords, Dodges, Chevrolets, Mazdas, Porsches and Pontiacs, among others. The same can be said about the announcer, present day F1 voice Bob Varsha.

The IMSA GTO/GTU race had Audi drivers Hans Stuck and Hurley Haywood on the front row, followed by the Mercury Cougars of Pete Halsmer and Wally Dallenbach, and Steve Millen and John Morton driving the twin-turbocharged Nissan 300ZX.

The IMSA GTO classification stood for “Grand Touring Over” three liters in engine displacement, however, a variety of engine configurations and displacements were utilized. Engine size was restricted to six liters for normally aspirated motors and turbocharged engines could not exceed three liters. Turbos are very prevalent in the video, as evidenced by the wastegates chirping throughout.

Enjoy the videos.

(Note: This is a four part video totaling 44 minutes).

1989 IMSA GTO at Sears Point Part 1 of 4

1989 IMSA GTO at Sears Point Part 2 of 4

1989 IMSA GTO at Sears Point Part 3 of 4

1989 IMSA GTO at Sears Point Part 4 of 4

[Source: Photo courtesy of Audipassion.com]

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  1. Is the 1989 Imsa GTO race @ Sears Point avaiable to be viewed? I would appreciate help in finding select GTO races from the ’89 season. (Long Beach, Portland, Sears Point) Also T’89 Trans Am races.
    Thanks for any help that you can offer.
    Best regards,
    Tom Moody