Griot’s Garage Cover Car – Daimler DE36 Drop Head Coupe

Gracing the cover of Griot’s Garage Handbook #272 is a very unusual car, a 1948 Daimler DE36 Drop Head Coupe.

Not to be confused with the German automotive leviathan of the same name, the Daimler Company of the U.K. is Britain’s oldest automotive marquee. Daimlers served as primary transportation for the British Royal Family well into the 1950’s.

One of only eight produced, this exceedingly rare DE36 weighs nearly three tons! It features a hydraulic convertible top, which hides beneath a painted metal cover when lowered. Inside, elegantly veneered “cocktail cabinets” flank rear seats that are positioned toward the centerline of the car (to allow better forward views between the heads of front seat passengers).

Following an extensive two year restoration process, the car was rewarded with a class win at the 1994 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Once part of the famed Harrah car collection, it now graces “America’s Car Museum”, the LeMay collection in Tacoma, Washington.


[Source: Griot’s Garage]

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